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Some of my channels have stopp…
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Last modified on 8/5/2010 7:12 PM by User.


Some of my channels have stopped working!!!

GuideHound EPG is only as good as the source you choose to use with it. If you use a pretty nasty source, we will try and make it as usable as possible (using category detection, metadata lookups, etc) but sometimes there is nothing it can do when the source changes in unexpected ways.

Channels (that you know used to work) can stop working for a few reasons:

  • The source is no longer suppling the data. This is common for screen scraped sources. If the provider of the data changes their format, it can take the author of the EPG source a while to adapt to the new format. It is also possible they have been asked to stop (politely by a lawyer!) and therefore they are no longer planning to support those channels anymore. Either wait a while to see if the situation resolves itself, or try another source.
  • The channel number in the EPG data source no longer maps correctly in the GuideHound configuration. This can happen if the source changes their internal channel numbers or you have manually changed the mapping file. Try and run the "Populate Channels" command to bring in your new configuration and see if this makes any difference. 
If the above suggestions have no resolved the issue, please send an support request email to for further assistance.