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Last modified on 10/2/2012 8:22 PM by User.


How to send log files when reporting a bug

If you've found a bug or are having trouble, please send an email to and we can try and sort it out.

Sometimes finding the cause of these issues can be quite challenging, and we might require some more information about your problem and current configuration. The general rule is: The more information you can send us, the easier it is to identify and fix the problem or answer your question.

Below is a list of the types of information which we find most useful and where or how to get it:

Item Location / Description
A screenshot Use a screenshot program to take a screenshot of the screen.
Log files C:\ProgramData\EpgImporter\Log\*.*
Your configuration file C:\ProgramData\EpgImporter\Config.xml
An example of your xmltv.xml file The downloaded source file on your PC or the output from EPG collector.

Note: On some machines, the "ProgramData" folder is hidden by default. You might need to copy and paste the full path into Windows Explorer.